March 31, 2020

There’s Still the Census

Julio and guest co-host Jamilah King talk about how the 2020 political landscape is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic. They also chat with NPR’s Hansi Lo Wang - resident census expert - about how to make sure communities of color aren’t undercounted amidst changing guidelines during this time.  We want to keep hearing from you and how you’re COVID Coping. Tell us how you're finding joy and hope in these unprecedented times. Call us to leave a voicemail on the In The Thick hotline at (505) 226-8973 or send us a voice memo via email to  ITT Staff Picks:  - Hansi Lo Wang writes about the Census Bureau’s decision to delay field operations until April 15 among other operational changes, and what those might mean for who gets counted via NPR. - Jamilah King talks with Chani Nicholas, an astrologer who is gaining popularity, about her efforts to democratize astrology and how to heal right now, in a world where so many things feel like they need healing via Mother Jones.  - One Day At A Time, a sitcom following the lives of the beloved Cuban American Alvarez family, is back after dedicated fans rallied in support. And our digital editor, Luis Luna reviewed the first episode of its new season for Latino Rebels.   

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