April 5, 2022

Two Years of COVID-19

Maria and Julio reflect on the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic with guests Umair Irfan, staff writer at Vox covering Covid-19 and climate change, and Kiera Butler, senior editor and public health reporter at Mother Jones. They discuss government response to the health crisis, the disproportionate impact on Black and brown communities and what we can expect next.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • For Vox, Umair Irfan dives into what is needed at a scientific research and policy level in order to spot the next pandemic virus.

  • Kiera Butler writes about what it means for the coronavirus to become an “endemic” disease in this piece for Mother Jones.

  • “The truth is that America’s battle with covid-19 has been more damaging than we like to think. And it is still ongoing,” writes Dhruv Khullar in this piece for The New Yorker.

Photo credit: AP Photo/Brittainy Newman, File