November 5, 2021

We Imagine… Us: Re-Imagination Nation

We’re proud to present Re-Imagination Nation, a new series that is part of the We Imagine… Us project by Futuro Unidad Hinojosa, the newest editorial division from Maria Hinojosa and Futuro Media. Re-Imagination Nation features interviews with thought leaders, artists and activists who are members of SCoRE (Solidarity Council on Racial Equity). In this episode, author Heather McGhee talks with Maria Hinojosa about her cross-country journey challenging the idea that progress for some must come at the expense of others. Then, sociology professor Manuel Pastor talks to Maria about models for a more inclusive economy designed so that we can all prosper together.  We Imagine... Us is available now wherever you get your podcasts. Subscribe here for more episodes, including the companion fiction series, The Long Way Around.  

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